Life with Chuckles is a blast - he's got such a lovely soul and I call him my "Cary Grant" because he's just so handsome!

Volunteer Activities:​

A casual moment with Robin Schlosser, Executive Director of Reach Out Morongo Basin and one of the most caring and hardest working people I know.

Woo-hoo! I'm an "Empty Nester"   

My wonderful son recently moved to South Dakota. I am so happy he's began the next adventure in his life and so proud of the man he has become. 

Review on FB:
If you missed Guest Chef Night at Bistro Twentynine tonight, waaa! Ursula served one of the most fabulous dinners I've had in a long time! Endive salad, cod with almond sauce, rice, French green beans, and apple tart for dessert. (I'd already taken a bite when I took the photo, lol.) More, Ursula, we want more!
                                    Vickie Kelly Waite, September 28 at 8:22pm 

September 2017

This was a great experience and opportunity to work my culinary magic!  Many thanks to Denise Cullum, Owner of Bistro29.

Secretary, Board of Directors

Reach Out Morongo Basin 

​​"Being a part of something I believe in is important to me, I wake up in the morning and am psyched about the day ahead and the satisfaction that I am making a difference."

Making the Solar Plunge

Keeping up with Chuckles

November 2016

One of my proudest moments as Executive Director of the 29 Palms CoC - unveiling the sign marking the new Mojave Trails National Monument - A beautiful morning shared with great folks and friends from the  Bureau of Land Management and the Mojave Desert Land Trust!

UPDATE: May 2020

Soooo...after a few complaints about my system not generating at spec'd and being treated like a moron I finally got a tech to listen and after about a month he got back to me. Guess what? I was right! I was generating 30% under what I contracted for. Back and forth for almost 6-months but the company installed an additional 6-panel SolarEdge system (at no cost to me). I requested they get placed on the East facing roof so now, I start generating with the sunrise. The system is now 7,370kW.

Next thing on the list...a battery backup system :-)

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  You would think that with my pro-solar stance I would have been the first on my street with a solar install but noooooo.... started this process in January and a few (cough, cough)  "discussions" FINALLY got it done MY WAY.

  I'm a huge fan of SunPower since working on Solar Star in 2014 and I went with a solar photovoltaic system consisting of 16 SunPower SPR-X21-335-BLK panels and a SunPower SolarEdge w/ Optimizers 3800 Inverter - System size is 5.360 kW.

April 2018 - Generating!